About Charles C. Luetke

An attorney and author, Charles C. Luetke studied law at University of Minnesota. He received his Juris Doctor and immediately entered the workforce as a Civil Litigator. Self-employed, he represented dozens of clients in state and federal cases, and earned the right to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972. Following 14 years of self-employment, Charles C. Luetke accepted the position of Assistant Regional Counsel for the General Services Administration in 1964, located in New York City.

Charles C. Luetke accumulated several achievements during his 16 years in the roles of Assistant Regional Counsel and Acting Regional Counsel. Most notably, he accepted an outstanding performance rating citation award in recognition of his service to the position. His responsibilities included evaluating various contractual disputes and claims, interpreting contracts, drafting documents such as union contracts and conveyance paperwork, and offering strategies on assorted guidelines.

Following his tenure with the GSA, Charles C. Luetke once again practiced law as a Civil Litigator. He retired in 2003 and spends his leisure time reading and writing.


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